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How does it works?

Make easy cross-border remittance from the UK to Nigeria via our website or mobile app.


Create an account

Download our app and signup within minutes. It's easy and free.


Set up a transfer

Add the recipient details and enter the payable amount to transfer it to the beneficiary.


Make payment

Confirm your transfer amount and make payment. We do not store your banking data in the system.


That's it!

Your transfer request will be submitted. You can track your transfer status easily.

Why choose Buga Money?

Buga Money offers you reliable, efficient and affordable remittance to Nigeria.

Affordable money remittance service

Buga Money is always happy and ready to transfer your money to Nigeria. We provide the best exchange rates in the market and minimal transaction fees for your every transfer. You can make in-store transfers or digital transfers as per your convenience.

We provide:

  • Best exchange rates
  • Minimal transaction fees
  • App Transfer with our free to download mobile app

Easy to use

With Buga Money you can transfer funds to your friends and family with a few taps.

There are 4 simple steps you need to follow and your transfer will be done.

  • 1. Register yourself with us
  • 2. Add Beneficiary and Enter the payable amount
  • 3. Make payment
  • 4. Done! Your transfer request will be submitted.

A transfer process is very easy and convenient with our user friendly mobile app.

Track & View all transactions

Your funds are our responsibility and we ensure safety of your money.

Choose Buga Money and get access to the following features:

  • Track the real time status of your transfer
  • Check your current transfers
  • Get an overview of the transfers conducted in the past

Happy Clients Feedback

Join our community of happy clients and experience top-notch service!

Recently I have sent money to my friends and family and it was an overall great experience. When it comes to Reliable, Affordable, and fast services Buga Money is the best. I would definitely recommend its money transfer service to Nigeria.
Aderemi Bolanle Quadri

Founder Coinpool